[Snapshot] librep 0.17.2 and rep-gtk 0.18.2 available

Hi all,

two new snapshot releases available! (John is still the maintainer - so he has to do official releases (I already contacted him))

Let's begin with the known Issues:

- rep-glade is broken -> WONTFIX -> I'll wait for gtk3 and will try to make a rep-gtkbuilder instead (Help is wanted :) ) - rep-gtk + (gtk >= 2.13) = broken GtkCombo() -> URGENCY MIDDLE -> This is the reason, why the theme selector is broken in some installations ... -> I don't know that changed, yet, but I'll try to find it out. Either way GtkCombo() is a deprecated Widget. But before gtk3 I won't move to GtkComboBox() (which is actually not available in rep-gtk all of a sudden)

Next the ChangeLogs:


  * fixups for configure.in
  * updated BUGS, HACKING and README
  * define inline if undefined (fixes compiler warnings)
  * create the destination directory for the .pc file before installing it
  * fixed in issue with FreeBSD in numbers.c [FreeBSD patch]
  * improved a function of numbers.c [FreeBSD patch]
  * rep_file_fdopen has not been listed in librep.sym
  * added -tag=CC to libtool in several places
  * don't ignore $LDFLAGS upon build
  * dropped some useless code in sdbm.c
  * make sure inline is defined


       * fixups in configure.in
       * updated BUGS, README and HACKING
       * removed functions no longer available in GTK 2.4+
       * spec-file does now install all examples into the doc-dir

If you didn't have had 0.17.1 and 0.18.1 read the NEWS files! Especially in rep-gtk there's some really cool new stuff in there!

At last the links:

librep: http://www.nanolx.org/free/librep-0.17.2.tar.bz2
rep-gtk: http://www.nanolx.org/free/rep-gtk-0.18.2.tar.bz2

Have Fun and Happy Testing!

PS: Rodrigo, if you read this, you're free to add a debian/ subdirectory (for building packages) to trunk.


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