Re: Sawfish + Screenlets doesn't work

On Sat, Apr 05, 2008 at 04:55:32PM +0200, Andrea Vettorello wrote:
> I've modified frames.jl (it's a single line patch ^__^) to follow
> what's suggested above, and seems to fix the "screenlets". Right now I
> can't recall other applications that use toolbars so I don't know if
> it breaks something else.

I haven't found anything that's broken, but I have found that the same
change for menus helps GNUstep, which otherwise has framed movable menus
in the wrong position. In other words, instead of only

-      (toolbar . utility)
-      (shaded-toolbar . shaded-utility)
+      (toolbar . unframed)
+;;    (shaded-toolbar . shaded-utility)

I also changed

-      (menu . utility)
-      (shaded-menu . shaded-utility)
+      (menu . unframed)
+;;    (shaded-menu . shaded-utility)

Since this is pretty much the same thing, would you like your patch
updated, or shall I enter this as a new patch?

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