Re: switch view port with keyboard shortcut

andrea vettorello gmail com (2008-03-29 at 1016.17 +0100):
> >  > (setq customize-command-classes '(default viewport deprecated))

deprecated is a class on itself, that setting makes the config system
show all 3. Check OPTIONS file (mine does not mention deprecated, btw,
just viewport) or better grep for ":class" in the jl dirs. Some
viewport commands are marked as viewport and others as deprecated.

> >  Thanks a lot, it works. I just wonder why is this thing deprecated?
> IIRC it was done when Sawfish was still the default Gnome WM. I don't
> recall the rationale, anyway between "workspaces" and "viewports" was
> chosen the first and the second was hidden (or it could be the
> viewport implementation code needs an update).

Maybe it needs updating... but so do other parts then. ;] I have been
using both (WS & VP) as bilevel organization system (plus nice
overflow trickery when an app goes nuts with window sizes), and there
are some extra modules that relay on viewport concept (infinite
workspace, animated transitions, etc) and someone even wanted to
create more things (variable dimensions per workspace).

So in general, I would say the deprecation could be reverted as now
"flexible wm" rationale has more weight than "gnome's simple default
wm". Nobody would be forced one way or the other, after all, and the
more testing, the more probability of issues being noticed and fixed.


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