Re: sawfish 1.3.2 segfault

On Wed, Jan 23, 2008 at 03:02:09PM +0000, Tom Hughes wrote:
> In message <20080121233100 25a6b452 szpak>
>         Janek Kozicki <cosurgi gmail com> wrote:
> > would be nice if you will send further replies to this mailing list.
> >
> > What an "open a file" operation does? I tried from xterm:
> >
> >   gqview wierd_utf8_name.png
> >
> > and it worked - more precisely: what is your "crashing" command?
> >
> > What does 'locale' command print in your xterm, before you lanuch this
> > "crashing" command?
> I suspect that he has the same problem as me - there are now calls
> to g_locale_to_utf8 in both events.c and windows.c but neither
> includes glib.h so there is no prototype for it.

Isn't there? The compiler gave me no warnings. Bad compiler ;)
> As a result on 64 bit platforms the returned pointer is truncated
> to a 32 bit (as the default return type is int when no prototype
> has been seen) and when it is then dereferenced a crash ensues.
> Those calls also introduce a dependency on glib when I don't think
> was present before (at least not unconditionally).

Well, AFAIK we do depend on gtk, and gtk depends on it, so it was
pretty much required anyways.

Could you try adding the header and see if that resolves the crash, please?

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