Re: sawfish 1.3.2 segfault

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        Janek Kozicki <cosurgi gmail com> wrote:

> would be nice if you will send further replies to this mailing list.
> What an "open a file" operation does? I tried from xterm:
>   gqview wierd_utf8_name.png
> and it worked - more precisely: what is your "crashing" command?
> What does 'locale' command print in your xterm, before you lanuch this
> "crashing" command?

I suspect that he has the same problem as me - there are now calls
to g_locale_to_utf8 in both events.c and windows.c but neither
includes glib.h so there is no prototype for it.

As a result on 64 bit platforms the returned pointer is truncated
to a 32 bit (as the default return type is int when no prototype
has been seen) and when it is then dereferenced a crash ensues.

Those calls also introduce a dependency on glib when I don't think
was present before (at least not unconditionally).


Tom Hughes (tom compton nu)

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