Re: Title changes and titlebar updates

On Sat, Feb 02, 2008 at 06:08:06PM +0200, Timo Korvola wrote:
> Harald van Dijk <truedfx gentoo org> writes:
> > So to avoid breaking a probably substantial portion of existing themes,
> > should sawfish do something like attached?
> I am not sure.  Perhaps temporarily, until themes have had a decent
> change to get fixed.

The problem with that is that I suspect the themes won't get fixed. Looking
at themes from freshmeat shows the most recent update is from 2005, for
a theme added in 2005. Everything else was last touched 2004 or earlier.
Will enough of the theme authors still be using sawfish to update the

> > It's ugly, and it's a hack,
> It is also broken.  The final clause of the cond should be (t ...),
> not ((t) ...) which tries to call the value of t as a function.
> Also, although curiously not an error in rep, = should not be used to
> compare anything but numbers (in other lisps it is an error).  For
> symbols eq is the natural choice.  And you don't need progn inside cond,
> the branches are expression sequences anyway.

Thanks for the comments. I seldom use lisp outside of sawfish, not
because I don't like it but simply because I have little use for it. I
will probably make more such beginner's mistakes, but I'll try to keep
these points in mind.

> I cleaned up this patch and added it to the utf-8-names-fix branch
> at  So far nothing has broken
> horribly and the Crux titlebars seem to get updated better.

If anything breaks non-horribly, it should be fixed too. :-)

I've looked at the version you've committed, and it's better than the
patch I've put on the wiki in all the ways that it's different. Would
you mind updating the wiki to list your version of the patch, and just
get rid of mine? It doesn't conflict with the other patches, and applies
cleanly to sawfish-1.3.2 without modifications.

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