librep and rep-gtk release candidates

Hi all,
librep-0.17.1-rc1 and rep-gtk-0.18.1 are ready for testing.
(Since I don't have the pw for sourceforge, I upped them to my ws)

Most important changes (See ChangeLog for more):

librep 0.17.1:

* began code-cleanup, allows sawfish to be built with CFLAGS="-Wall -ansi -pendanticT
	but not yet librep on it's own

* added a .pc file for librep

* several fixups from Debian, NetBSD and FreeBSD

* updated the spec-file

* several autotools updates (configure/Makefile)


rep-gtk 0.18.1:

* code-cleanup, allows rep-gtk to be built with CFLAGS="-Wall -ansi -pedantic"

- added a new Widget: Status-Icon (aka Notification-Area-Applet)

* added ATK-Accessibility Support (Shobbit Mathur)

* added a .pc file for rep-gtk

* updated the spec-file

* install examples in @prefix@/share/doc/rep-gtk- version@


Comments, Critics and Contributions welcome!

Happy testing,

GNOME/Sawfish rule!

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