Re: rep-gtk build issue

Stephen Nelson-Smith wrote:
On 9/11/07, Stephen Nelson-Smith <sanelson gmail com> wrote:

I'm building RPMs for Sawfish, and its dependencies for the CentOS project.

I've built librep (from 0.17 sources), imlib (from 1.9.15) and am
currently finding rep-gtk won't build.

OK - patch to fixed this rolled into the rep-gtk rpm, so we're good to go.

Am now running into an issue where the sawfish configure script is
testing for X11, and reporting no.  I've included libx11[-devel] as
build dependencies, and have pulled them in, but the configure output
still shows it thinks X isn't present.

The script is pretty dense, so if anyone has a quick
answer before I make my eyes bleed, I'd appreciate it.



Does the script use pkgconfig?
If so, make sure that there is an entry in /usr/lib/pkgconfig for whatever
it is looking for.  Fudging is permissible.

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