Re: Using _NET_WM properties for window names

On Wed, Oct 31, 2007 at 08:01:26PM +0200, Timo Korvola wrote:
> Luis Rodrigo Gallardo Cruz <rodrigo nul-unu com> writes:
> > The idea itself ought to be uncontroversial.
> Actually, I am not entirely convinced of the usefulness of these
> properties.  Are there characters in UTF-8 that cannot be
> represented as COMPOUND_TEXT?

There most likely are. I don't really know anything about writing
systems, but the spec for COMPOUND_TEXT does not mention, for example,
any of the languages of India, but it does have some sort of
extensibility mechanism. I have no idea how likely is a random xlib to
have support for that.
> > In order to get everything working I made sawfish assume
> > all strings to be rendered to the screen are encoded as UTF-8.
> That is useful regardless of the _NET_WM properties, because the host
> encoding Sawfish happens to be using may not be able to represent all
> necessary characters even if COMPOUND_TEXT is.  Unfortunately this
> change is clumsy to implement and without benefit if
> Xutf8TextPropertyToTextList is not available.  With
> XmbTextPropertyToTextList conversion has to go via the local encoding
> anyway.

Which is another part of what I wanted to bring up. How many people
are still using systems without Xutf8Text*? How much would we break if
we started assuming we have all those modern thingies such as Gkt 2?

> > Anyways, I'm requesting feedback on the patch.
> What version is it against?  It did not apply cleanly to the trunk.

Ups. Sorry about that. It's made against 1.3.1+<debian patches>

> Anyway, I applied the rejects by hand, fixed some errors and just
> cleaned it up a bit.  This patch is against the current trunk (r4204).
> Alternatively you can pull branch utf-8-names from

Are you mirroring svn there? I'll probably clone that for my own use if so.

Rodrigo Gallardo
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