Re: Cannot "Grab" anything (*** Remote sawfish error...)

On 10/8/07, Ian Zimmerman <itz madbat mine nu> wrote:
> janemba> the file "/tmp/.sawfish-thomas/icetea.WORKGROUP:0.0" exist and
> janemba> sawfish can connect to it but after this it tries to read and
> janemba> write onto it.  It tries to retrieve an argument I think. But
> janemba> the result is the message I poste above. I check the permission
> janemba> of the tmp file and it seems ok. But when I tried to "echo"
> janemba> something on it or to "cat" it I have this error : " no such
> janemba> device or address".
> The file is a socket (do the permissions as seen with "ls -l" contain
> "s" in the first slot?), so it cannot be read or written, only connected to.

Yes it is, I have this :  srwx------

> strace is often the debugging tool that will give you the answer, but
> not always :-)

Ok but...what can I do ??

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