Re: Cannot "Grab" anything (*** Remote sawfish error...)

janemba> the file "/tmp/.sawfish-thomas/icetea.WORKGROUP:0.0" exist and
janemba> sawfish can connect to it but after this it tries to read and
janemba> write onto it.  It tries to retrieve an argument I think. But
janemba> the result is the message I poste above. I check the permission
janemba> of the tmp file and it seems ok. But when I tried to "echo"
janemba> something on it or to "cat" it I have this error : " no such
janemba> device or address".

The file is a socket (do the permissions as seen with "ls -l" contain
"s" in the first slot?), so it cannot be read or written, only connected to.

strace is often the debugging tool that will give you the answer, but
not always :-)

This line is completely ham.

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