Re: GrowWindow weirdness - feature or not?

Ian> I just realized that the GrowWindow* commands make a window think
Ian> it is maximized - so you can't resize it, and you can only move it
Ian> along the other axis (i.e. after GrowWindowDown, you can only slide
Ian> it sideways, no moving up or down).  It leaves this state when you
Ian> Unmaximize it.
Ian> I am not sure if this is a bug or feature, but it was definitely
Ian> unexpected, especially as similar commands in Openbox which I am
Ian> now checking out leave the window in normal movable and sizable
Ian> state.

Janek> I find this a bit annoying too. We could either make it optional,
Janek> or just remove the "feature". If you can make a patch for that -
Janek> please submit it to our wiki, then hopefully people will vote how
Janek> they all feel. Depending on votes, I will apply it for 1.3.2

Never mind, it already is optional:

(setq grow-is-maximize nil)

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