Re: Is there anything comparable out-there?

Janek> Hi, I'm a long time sawfish user and it is very sad for me that
Janek> this project is more-or-less dead. I'm wondering if it's a matter
Janek> of time until we will all have to switch to something else -
Janek> because some standard specification will get changed, and sawfish
Janek> will not longer cooperate with latest xorg, or anything like
Janek> that.

Janek> A signal that such thing will come in the future is all that
Janek> beryl/xgl interface. I sure as hell would like to have assigned
Janek> ctrl-shift-mouse_scroll to change the window transparency in
Janek> sawfish.  I guess this is not going to happen....

And you couldn't do that in any of the new spiffy WMs either, because
they won't let you change mouse bindings.

That is why sawfish is so great, and in this respect I don't think
there's anything equal.  They do try: WindowMaker has key bindings
almost as general as sawfish, but again no mouse bindings; metacity
has both, but restricts the key combinations severely (no Alt/Meta
bindings are allowed, IFIRC).

This is just a part of a general trend to dumb down computing to the
lowest common denominator.  Microsoft leads but FOSS follows,

This line is completely ham.

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