Re: Is it possible to "fully maximize" windows?

victorr gmail com (2007-03-06 at 0938.27 -0500):
> The inability to make my xterms and Emacs windows fully span monitors
> is driving me a little crazy (I guess I'm odd that way).

Could you describe "fully" with more detail?

I have windows without frames, great for video players or games. And
also windows with frames covering all monitor pixels or all except
special windows like panels, with most applications.

Text based apps are a bit tricky, as the window size is normally based
in the font cell size you use. I just tried and both emacs and xterm
covered all the monitor when using the no frames maximize command I
have, they provided extra padding themselves to match monitor.

OTOH, they leave a small gap when using the maximize commands that use
frames. Getting the "auto padding" could be doable, I guess, but does
not behave with standard commands (in these cases, I am used to just
use explicit positioning cmds to bump windows to the edge I prefer).
Other solution would be a theme with maximize frames that provide such


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