Re: reviving sawfish development.

On Tue, Jun 26, 2007 at 01:35:21PM -0400, Christopher X. Candreva wrote:
> I think a new release that at least compiles on x64 systems would be a good 
> idea.

Hm, I do not see any real issues with a compilation on x64 systems.
My rpm packages rebuild and run on F7 and the current Fedora
"rawhide" and x86_64 machines.  True, for a long time I did not use
"release" sources but what I retrieved at various points in time
from revision control servers.

OTOH I agree that an official release, together with librep and
rep-gtk,  would be a truly good idea even if only as a common ground
for further development.  Especially now when the main branch of
sawfish is in a "maitenance only" mode.  It was years from the last
release and what is in svn now differs from that substantially in
some crucial points.


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