Re: load focus-transparency.jl

On 7/27/07, henry atting <henry literaturlatenight de> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I recently switched to sawfish and everything's working fine except focus-transparency.
> As transset-df seems to be installed properly and there is no problem with transparent
> windows under kde, I think it has something to do with my load-path, or more precisely,
> maybe .sawfishrc is not read.
> I put focus-transparency.jl in ~/.sawfish/lisp (which is in my load path) and also wrote
> (require 'focus-transparency) to .sawfishrc. But if I want to eval it in an emacs buffer
> which interacts with sawfish or in the sawfish-client I get:
> Remote sawfish error: (void-value focus-transparency)
> Any suggestions?

Per any chance did you put it as "Focus-transparency.jl" (capitalized)
in your "~/.sawfish/lisp" dir?

Do you have the "xcompmgr" running?


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