Re: how to escape key events?

On Jan 28, Scott Scriven wrote:
> What would be ideal is a special keypress used as a prefix,
> meaning "send next event as-is to focused application, without
> interpreting it"...  similar to C-V in vim, I suppose.  Is there
> such a thing in sawfish?

Lookup `quote-event'.

But personally, I have this code (my .vnc/xstartup has "INVNC="yes";
export INVNC"):

  (define vnc? (or (getenv "VNCDESKTOP")
                   (getenv "INVNC")))

  (define my-wm-key  (if vnc? "C-M"     "H"))
  (define my-app-key (if vnc? "C-M-S" "M-H"))
  (define (my-key-str str)
    (string-replace "<A>" my-app-key (string-replace "<X>" my-wm-key str)))

It works better for these rare cases where you're running a vncviewer
inside a vnc session (the quoting thing becomes too hard to count).
Also, it works nicely with `H' as a WM modifier for the desktop since
I don't have that when I use a Windows viewer.

BTW -- if you're using sawfish on vnc, a good tip is to use a window
scheme that is not using fancy decorations, they eat up your bandwidth
on eye candy.  (I use brushed-metal on my desktop, and a hacked copy
that has plain colors for vnc.)

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