Re: sawfish configuration (SOLVED)

I gzipped it to save bandwidth. But you can anyway retrieve it at:

thanks but my Emacs doe snot read that :-(
are you sure it is a text file?

 Unfortunately the main weak point of
sawfish is the lack of exhaustive/complete documentation,

yes, you are right

Librep (the lisp dialect adopted by sawfish) is a combination of Emacs Lisp and
Scheme, so if you know one of these it shouldn't be a big problem to
start to hack. But if you are a lisp newbie, it's very difficult to
understand the very terse librep/sawfish documentation.

i thought it is written in GUILE scheme only.

Apart from this, I regard sawfish still the best window manager,
because of its adoption of a complete programming language (and
because I like lisp).

same here :-)

Scwm ( was cool too, it adopted Scheme as
the basic language but it seems dead since 2000.

i did not know that earlier. i chose SCWM earlier & tried to install
it, met with a compile error, found ZERO documentation, abandoned it.
Dale, on SCWM mailing list,  told me that he is working on it to bring
it up with GUILE 1.8.x but he doe s not promise any release for now.

Ooops... I've been using that signature for months, thanks for make me
aware of it ;-).

my pleasure,  Stefano. BTW, i am registered Linux user now, see my sig.  :-)

Linux registered user #439610

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