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On date Saturday 2007-01-13 00:54:47 -0800, arnuld opened this window:
> >>[SNIP]
> >>Can someone please post his configuration file, from where i can and
> >>understand SCWM coding? or if you can point me to any "SAWFISH
> >>configuration how to" document. i only want to have this kind of
> >>interface:
> >>
> >>
> >
> >
> >>i tried Google but that does not help.
> >Hi arnuld, you can look at the (somehow discontinued) sawfish wiki at:
> >
> hey Stefano, thanks for that :-)
> >and in attachment there is my personal sawfishrc.
> can't get that as in mailing lists attachments are scrubbed. look at
> the end of this email. you will see a message.

I gzipped it to save bandwidth. But you can anyway retrieve it at:

> >In order to write your own sawfishrc you're supposed to know at least a
> >bit lisp programming,
> yes i know basic Lisp programming & i understand Lisp Macros too :-)

Well, then you're done ;-). Unfortunately the main weak point of
sawfish is the lack of exhaustive/complete documentation, Librep (the
lisp dialect adopted by sawfish) is a combination of Emacs Lisp and
Scheme, so if you know one of these it shouldn't be a big problem to
start to hack. But if you are a lisp newbie, it's very difficult to
understand the very terse librep/sawfish documentation.

Apart from this, I regard sawfish still the best window manager,
because of its adoption of a complete programming language (and
because I like lisp).

Scwm ( was cool too, it adopted Scheme as
the basic language but it seems dead since 2000.

> >or you can use the sawfish-ui interface.
> can't , i get an error when i try to run  "sawfish-ui". i am running
> Windowmaker right now & whe i try the "swafish-ui" in "xterm" then it
> outputs the following error:
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> [arch arch ~]$ sawfish-ui
> (process:4690): Gdk-WARNING **: locale not supported by C library
> (rep:4690): Gtk-WARNING **: Locale not supported by C library.
>        Using the fallback 'C' locale.
> error: can't connect to socket /tmp/.sawfish-arch/arch:0.0
> _X11TransSocketINETConnect() can't get address for arch:6000: Name or
> service not known
> *** Error: can't connect to sawfish on display, :0.0
> [arch arch ~]$
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Could it be a distribution problem (maybe some GTK unresolved dependency)?

> >--Stefano Sabatini
> >Linux user number 337176 (see
> that web-site does not exist. i think you are referring to:

Ooops... I've been using that signature for months, thanks for make me
aware of it ;-).

Stefano Sabatini
Linux user number 337176 (see

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