Re: Dual X Screens

David Mohr wrote:
: Hi everyone,
: I have two monitors connected, and I'm running them as two X screens,
: not in Xinerama mode. I just started using Xfce, which fortunately
: works well together with sawfish (which I wouldn't want to miss (-: ).
: But it only starts sawfish on one X-screen, not the 2nd one, and it
: starts to get a bit annoying to always manually have to start sawfish
: whenever I log in.
: I'd be willing to have a look at implementing some crude support, but
: since is likely to not be very easy for me, I wanted to know if anyone
: has worked on that already, or does plan to work on it :-). Any info
: would be appreciated.

	Running "sawfish --multihead" does not work?


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