Re: Reparenting cleanup

On 2/17/07, Timo Korvola <tkorvola elisanet fi> wrote:
"Andrea Vettorello" <andrea vettorello gmail com> writes:
> Maybe the two things are related, any suggestion on how to debug this?

By tracing map_request, I suppose.  That is where windows get framed
if you installed my patch.  I am unable to reproduce this bug with the
Debian package of Monodevelop.

You are right, the main Monodevelop window is decorated now, and found
nothing relevant in their changelog.

But i can confirm that gnome-power-manager still triggers the bug:  (=

I suspect the mapping is done in an unorthodox way as until now i've
only seen this in two applications and probably gnome-power-manager
developers could fix on their part (maybe) as it was done on
Monodevelop, but at the same time i would like to see a workaround on
Sawfish for these "rogue" applications cause other WMs, for example
Metacity, are unaffected.

For a start, i've dumped the properties of the window in the two
states, undecorated and decorated, and there are some differences, the
undecorated window misses the following properties (present in the
decorated state):

		window state: Normal
		icon window: 0x0

I'll give a look if i can figure out something...


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