Re: Reparenting cleanup

On 2/15/07, Timo Korvola iki fi <Timo Korvola iki fi> wrote:
Hello everybody.

I've been using Sawfish with KDE for some time now.  Most things work
but the system tray has a lot of problems.  One of these was that the
tray and Sawfish sometimes appeared to fight over a tray icon,
simultaneously trying to reparent it.

Well, i've seen some reparenting issues on Gnome too, with at least
two applications, Monodevelop ( ) and Gnome Power
Manager. I don't use Monodevelop, so i'm not sure if the bug is still
relevant, but right now (using Debian Sid) the preferences window of
Gnome Power Manager shows the same behavior described in the above bug
report, even with your patch applied. Well, you clearly state that you
are trying to fix a different issue... (=

Maybe the two things are related, any suggestion on how to debug this?


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