Re: Sawfish/Gnome/Xinerama dropping windows

--- Timo Korvola <Timo Korvola iki fi> wrote:

> Scott Anderson <ee_in_co yahoo com> writes:
> >     12582923 (has no name): ()  1600x23+0+1177  +0+1177
> >         1 child:
> >         14680067 "Start Panel": ("gnome-panel" "Gnome-panel")  1600x23+0+0  +0+1177
> > user> (get-window-by-id 14680067)
> > ()
> So for some reason the panel has been removed from window_list, yet
> the frame window remains.  window_list is often accessed but it seems
> that items are only removed in remove_window (by zeroing the window
> id; apparently actual removal is deferred to GC, which is why the code
> is riddled with WINDOW_IS_GONE_P checks).  It appears that
> remove_window must have been called with from_error set, otherwise the
> frame would have been destroyed.  That only happens in error_handler
> for BadWindow or BadDrawable errors.  You should be able to get the
> error printed on stderr if you compile with DEBUG defined, see
> sawmill.h (sic) about that.  But even if you manage that, it may be
> difficult to associate the error with the X request that caused it
> because of the asynchronous nature of Xlib.
> >   Map State: IsUnviewable
> This means that the window itself is mapped but some ancestor is
> unmapped.  That would be the window frame.  Now, frames seem to get
> unmapped in relatively few places in the code.  Are you running a
> version with my reparenting cleanup patch?
> <URL: >

I'm using the Debian Etch version of sawfish.  If someone else can address this question, please
do.  Otherwise, I'll have to look into it after my college finals are over next week.

Can we get a Debian package of sawfish with debug enabled?


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