Re: configuring rep-gtk fails on fedora 8 (64 bit)

On Fri, Dec 07, 2007 at 05:23:28PM -0800, Daniel Fetchinson wrote:
> Okay, solved the problem, the config.sub file for librep was a
> symbolic link to /usr/share/libtool/config.sub and that worked, while
> for rep-gtk it was some file that came from svn. If I deleted that and
> made a symbolic link to the local one it worked all right.
> I guess it has to do with autoconf magic, looks like a bug to me but
> the fix is trivial.

It's a libtool file, actually. It defines architecture strings and
such things. And yes, it ought to be updated periodically, so that the
package 'learns' about new architectures.

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