Re: Sawfish beginner

lists l8r net (2007-04-24 at 1658.04 -0400):
> > And for "you are here, this is here and that is there" what do you
> > suggest? ;] Note: I rarely use mouse if not already grabbed for
> > something else.
> I suggest organization.  I always have my web browser on desktop 2 and 3. 
> I always have my email, IM client, and a console on desktop #1.  I always
> have two 1/2 screen terminals on desktop 4, which I use to connect to one
> of my clients.  I always have #5 for other clients, and so on...

Yeah, I use a given order too... I still keep a tiny pager tho, for
when there are way more windows than usual (which in some cases means
adding desktops, so better know the "use once per month" is somewhere
in a new workspace, not just lost or closed), or for when hand is
already in mouse. Order does not forbid a bit of visual reminder. :]


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