Re: Sawfish beginner

 a> any ideas on start using Sawifish like, creating a Pager where i
 a> can switch a Desktop or creating application launcher which can
 a> launch applications by entering commands in it .

  Way #1. Use panel.  pypanel is good.  I use xfce-panel.  Both
  contains pager, launcher, taskbar, tray and clock.  pypanel is
  smaller, xfce-panel is more functional.  Perl-panel are also a good
  choice.  You can find more panels on freshmeat.  Also you can use
  gnome with sawfish :)

  Way #2. Pager is useless thing really :) So, throw it away.  For
  desktop switching use keys, not mouse.  For application launching
  use waffle (, see
  also main page -  Also
  look at in

  Way #3.  Use windowmaker's applets :)

Ruslan Kosolapov
Plesk QA Department Second Manager
SWsoft, Inc.

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