Re: Sawfish news?

Mihai Bazon <mihai.bazon <at>> writes:

> [ I'm posting this here in the hope that any maintainers or (at least
> former) developers still read the list.. ]

I'm neither... just a happy user.

> Speaking of the list low-activity, I was wondering if there's any more
> development going on in Sawfish.  I tried digging the Web about this
> but I could find no info -- the project site is outdated, CVS
> activity seems to be dead, no news site, etc.

There's been some development... not sure how recent you need, but in the past
couple months I've seen patches for sawfish and librep, including an ack by John
of a patch acceptance.  In the past 6-12 months, I've even seen some work done
in adding the new (then) transparency stuff offered by into sawfish.  I
patched my CVS install with it and it worked great.

> Sawfish is the best WM around, I really hope it's not dead.  It is
> true that it's Good Enough :) but it would be nice to know that it's
> still maintained.

I agree... I still use sawfish after many years of trying other WM's and DE's. 
I just keep coming back because even though it has been years since an official,
"big" release, it still fits my work habits to a T.  It does what it's supposed
to do: it's a window manager, not a desktop environment.

There have been some recent posts asking about whether or not sawfish is still
being maintained.  I would say yes, it's still maintained.  There's not a whole
lot of development, but I'm not really sure what would be added.  Maybe
suggesting things that are missing would encourage folks to add features, but I
honestly can't think of anything missing that I need.  

I'd enjoy more sawfish discussion... I think there's a good-sized, but largely
quiet, community out there still using sawfish.  I'd love to hear about people's
setups, tips, etc... 

Me?  I'm just your basic user... all my sawfish commands are "behind" one prefix
key to limit any conflicts with emacs (I use C-t).  Most fun I've had with
sawfish came when I wrote some code that adjusted the Left-Right balance of my
audio as I dragged my TV tuner's window around the screen.  When it was on the
left side of the screen, the audio came from the left.  As it moved right, so
would the audio.  Alas, I lost that code with a computer-swap, but it was fun to


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