Re: Displaying windows that should be hidden

On 6/16/06, Johan Ingvast <ingvast md kth se> wrote:
I recently installed the trial version of varicad and found that it does
not work in my version of sawfish.
The symptons are that windows that should be hidden are displayed empty
(above the main window).
I don't have this problem if I run Xfce4 instead.

Any clues?
Is this a sawfish matter or something that I should contact varicad about?

There are some bug reports of problems with some applications, for
example monodevelop, where Sawfish display unmanaged windows until it
is restarted. I don't know if these applications trigger a Sawfish
corner case or are simply broken, i know basically nothing about the X
protocol and near zero of Sawfish internals.


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