Re: creating windows from rep

Eric Mangold wrote:
> On Sat, 10 Jun 2006 09:57:44 +1000, Josh Babcock
> <jbabcock atlantech net> wrote:
>> How would I go about creating a window in a particular viewport? I want
>> to launch a Firefox window in a particular place, but I already have a
>> matched window setting that I first need to ignore.
>> Josh
> I've thought about how to tie a process to the windows it creates before
> and haven't come up with anything useful. The situation is even more
> difficult in Firefox's case, because the process you launch to open the
> window may in fact signal an already running Firefox process to open the
> window on its behalf.

That can be prevented with the -no-remote option.

> Basically I think you're stuck with matching the window when it gets
> created, and switching it to the correct viewport then.

Hmmm. It would be nice if Firefox could be told to open a window with a
particular title. Since I don't feel like rebuilding Firefox, I'll let
that one go.

Can X and Sawfish tell how old windows are? If so, perhaps it would be
possibly to write a script that causes a window to appear, and then
modifies the most recent window. Better yet would be to start a process
and get the window id back. then you could modify the window based on
the id.

I think what I will do is tell Firefox to start with some odd, unique
h/w dimensions and then match on those. Extremely ugly, but it should work.


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