I beg for a sawfish release..

With the wide spread impression that Sawfish is a dead, I went
in search of a new window manager.  I tried over a dozen, from
openbox to icebox, even spent a fair amount of time trying to
configure NeverStep into something reasonable.  They were all
either not very flexible, or quirky in their flexibility. Poorly
document, if at all.  Many really were dead, or perhaps just
never born.  Most developers don't have the courage to even
release version 1.0.

I finally came to the conclusion that there is no finer window
manager than Sawfish!  Why am I suffering and wasting time???

So why is a release needed if one can get bug fixes from CVS???

   - no RPMs, so difficult to get installed on admin managed
     linux systems.
   - BSD packages can't get the fixes.
   - perception of death means no one develops anything new for

Nothing last forever, eventually great pieces of software get
displaced by something that is substantially better.  However,
in the case of X11 window managers, there isn't anything even
close to Sawfish.

So, please, some bug fix releases at least!


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