rep-gtk: radio-menu-item functions (urgent)

gtk-rep in CVS contains these 2 modifications wrt 0.18:

*  it adapts to a change in the signature of gtk+ functions

w/o that change, 0.18 fails to compile with recent gtk+ header files, so people
will attempt to compile from  CVS.

Some distributions (gentoo) provide a patch for 0.18.

This problem is caused by internal (to rep-gtk+) functions named like gtk+
functions, which is unfortunate, i think.

* for recent GTK+ versions, these functions using gtk+ names are disabled in rep-gtk::

But these functions were designed differently (wrt. their gtk+ counterparts),
and since code in sawfish-ui and sawfish-menu.jl depends on this different
functionality, they cannot be simply disabled. 

So, in conclusion:
Neither rep-gtk 0.18 nor CVS in current state is usable for Sawfish!

This needs to be fixed soon!

I enclose a possible patch


--- gtk-compat.c	2006-01-30 21:55:38.374964000 +0100
+++ mmc-gtk-compat.c	2006-01-29 23:54:14.576037000 +0100
@@ -62,7 +62,11 @@ gtk_menu_popup_interp (GtkMenu *menu,
 		  func, func_data, button, activate_time);
+/* mmc: sawfish (menu & sawfish-ui) code depends on a different semantics of these calls,
+   different from gtk+ versions, so we have to continue to support that, and override
+   the gtk version. */
+#if 1 /* || (GTK_MAJOR_VERSION < 2 || (GTK_MAJOR_VERSION == 2 && GTK_MINOR_VERSION < 4)) */
 gtk_radio_menu_item_new_with_label_from_widget (GtkRadioMenuItem *group,
 						const gchar      *label)

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