Creating windows from sawfish


I'd like to create "managed" windows from within sawfish. Using
x-create-window and calling x-map-window results of course in an
"unmanaged" window, as X sees the window as coming from the window
manager's pipe and does not generate MapRequest, as for all
other redirected windows. Hence, the add_window method isn't call from
events.c and the window manager doesn't see its own window as regular window.

So, the question is: Is there a way to call map_request from within rep?
I haven't found a call path from rep to add_window yet. Or, is it
possible to synthesise an event that I can send from sawfish to sawfish
to fake a MapRequest for its own window? Also, I haven't found a way for
this either as synthesise-event resides in keys.c and is only capable of
generating key and mouse event.

And hints how to solve this? Preferable from within rep, as the thing
I'm coding should be a sawfish extension.

Best Regards, Clemens

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