Re: bind a complex key sequence?

William XWL <william xwl gmail com> writes:
> Thanks. Yup, it does work. Seems my previous e.g. is not a good one. A
> correct one:
> (setq my-ctrl-c-keymap (make-keymap))
> (bind-keys my-ctrl-c-keymap "b" 'maximize-window-fullscreen-toggle)
> (bind-keys global-keymap "C-c" my-ctrl-c-keymap)
> BUT ! Then i lose "C-c" prefix in Emacs ! sigh, i've to give up. 

I have all my sawfish bindings hanging off C-t (since I don't use
transpose all that often in emacs).  That binding seems pretty
comfortable to me and I don't lose much at all from emacs.  If I *do*
want C-t to be sent to emacs I use (synthesize-event ...) bound to 
C-t t which sends a ctrl-t to the window.


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