Re: Firefox, Sawfish and focus

Andreas Büsching <crunchy tzi de> writes:

> Now to one of my current problems:
> When using more than one window of firefox the input/keyboard focus is
> not moved to the newly focused window when I use cycle-window (by using
> keyboard shortcut) to change the window focus. I've never thought that
> there is a difference between these two types of focus.

I had that problem months ago too. Not recently. I can add some hints:

1/  i'd ssh in or switch to a console and try:

xdpyinfo |grep focus
to get the focused-window id, and
xwininfo -id {the found id}

to get the window name. Then compare w/ what SF thinks is focused.

2/ with gtk+ (and i assume firefox uses the gtk event distribution) a widget can
 "grab" a focus for a group of windows. Mybe some bug in that might cause this

Try w/ another window manager to verify it's (not) SF specific.

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