Firefox, Sawfish and focus


First of all: I'm so happy to see that there are again some more people
posting to this list and there is some progress in the CVS. That makes
me hope that sawfish is not dying.

Now to one of my current problems:

When using more than one window of firefox the input/keyboard focus is
not moved to the newly focused window when I use cycle-window (by using
keyboard shortcut) to change the window focus. I've never thought that
there is a difference between these two types of focus.

My configuration
- sawfish CVS from (last update was about a week ago)
  also had the problem with the last offical release
  * focus-windows-when-mapped t
  * raise-windows-on-focus t
  * focus-click-through t
  * focus-mode click
  * and I'm using the merlin sawfish extensions (current versions)
    message.jl, util.jl placement.jl uglicon.jl ugliness.jl
- Firefox 1.x

Anyone an idea?


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