Re: Window cycling keybinding problem

I've got the same problem... not sure when it started happening. Using Ubuntu Linux, Hoary. Will let the list know if I come across a fix, and please do likewise if you happen to figure it out.


On Wed, 13 Jul 2005 21:58:22 +1000, Vegard Vesterheim <Vegard Vesterheim uninett no> wrote:


Normally window cycling is initiated with (Alt-Tab) and sawfish
temporarily displays the window icon on subsequent Tab-presses. When
all keys are released, the window icon is supposed to disappear and
the screen restored to the normal state.

For some reason this behavior has suddenly changed on my box. Whenever
I release all keys after window cycling, the last icon remains on the
screen, and I have to press and extra random key for it to
disappear. This is really annoying, and I can't figure out what has
caused this change. I guess an regular 'apt-get dist-upgrade' on my
box running 'Linux Debian testing' could have caused it, but I need to
find out how to restore normal behavior. I normally use the
merlin.ugliness extension for window-cycling, but the problem also
occurs with the normal window-cycling in sawfish.

Anyone have any idea on how to restore the normal behavior?

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