Re: Window cycling keybinding problem

On Wed, 13 Jul 2005 22:10:11 +1000 "Eric Mangold" <teratorn world-net net> wrote:

> I've got the same problem... not sure when it started happening. Using
> Ubuntu Linux, Hoary. Will let the list know if I come across a fix,
> and  please do likewise if you happen to figure it out.

I downgraded sawfish from version 1.3+cvs20050709 to 1.3+cvs20050222
on my debian testing box, and the problem disappeared :-)

I'm still interested in finding the cause of this unfortunate change
in behavior, but in the mean time I can get some work done...

BTW, I also have a laptop running ubuntu hoary with sawfish version
1.3+cvs20050105. This version does not appear to have this problem.

 - Vegard -

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