Re: Edge flipping / edge resistance?

era+gmane iki fi (2005-02-24 at 0853.47 +0200):
> I noticed there is sawfish.wm.ext.edge-flip and that I might
> reasonably be able to hack something on top of that to get edge
> resistance without actual edge flipping (between virtual desktops /
> viewports). ISTR this edge flipping option was available in the GUI
> configurator in Sawfish 1.0 or thereabouts -- too bad all the useful
> goodies are tucked away where you can't find them. (Not even Google!)

I would recomend sawfish-client (see ",help", ",apropos", ",describe"
and tab completion) and of course grep in the files. I guess
edge-flip-delay variable is what you are talking about (ie, use grep,
or edge-tab in client). And probably you will have to replace the code
that does the viewport or workspace change to do what you want with
two servers.
> Is there any sort of documentation for sawfish.wm.util.flippers?

Hmm... the file itself? :]


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