Edge flipping / edge resistance?

FVWM and some other window managers had a feature to scroll between
virtual screens if you left the mouse pointer on the edge for long
enough. There was a parameter "edge resistance" to control how long
you'd have to "push" on the window edge in order to switch to the
adjacent virtual screen.

I'd really like to have this in Sawfish, not so much for the virtual
screen switching (keyboard mappings are ideal for that :-) as for
making x2x usable. This is a simple little helper which allows me to
use one mouse and keyboard on two X servers; I have the computers
running side by side and I switch screens by -- you guessed it --
moving the mouse pointer over the edge between the two monitors.

This is all very nice, but you lose the "mile wide" edge behavior of
your monitor which normally makes it easy to resize windows which are
flush to the edge of the screen, etc. If you're trying to manipulate
something near the edge of the screen, you trip over to the other
screen all the time. Now, of course, edge resistance would solve this

I can't be the only one who wants this feature, so I thought I'd ask
here if anybody has any code to share before I start on my own hack
(which is predestined to never be finished anyway).

I looked in the bugzilla and on the wiki but couldn't find anything
which looked like it's even vaguely similar. Maybe the "infinite desktop"
could be useful as a starting point, but other than that, I haven't
found anything concrete.

In <http://www.linuxdocs.org/HOWTOs/Xinerama-HOWTO-8.html> the author
alleges that some sort of edge flipping is present in "bleeding-edge"
Sawfish -- can anybody elaborate on this, or perhaps even provide
closer coordinates?

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