Re: Use Stow to manage installation of librep and friends?

John Harper <jsh unfactored org> writes:

> Also, they should all respect DESTDIR to supply an extra prefix 
> directory, e.g. "DESTDIR=/tmp/foo make install" will install under 
> /tmp/foo

Yes, that's very fortunate.

I now changed my way of attacking this, and instead of trying to use
Stow to manage the packages, I now build Solaris packages using the
CSW scripts.  This means I've now got librep, rep-gtk and sawfish
installed into /opt/csw, and it works!  Yay.

Thanks to DESTDIR, it was amazingly easy to use the CSW

I think I will continue to do this for future packages.  I could even
use it for installing Emacs fresh from CVS with little fuss ;-)


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