Little more lisp help =)

Sawfish is an awesome WM =) Thanks out to Ewan and Brian for helping me out on the last problem.

This time I'm trying to modify the jump-or-exec code (it's on the wiki -- if you hit a hotkey it loads the app if it isn't already, if it is it switches to it). I want it to jump-or-exec for an entire group (jump-group-or-exec) and I want to pass a predicate for filtering out which windows in the group I want to display.

My problem is that lambda functions have their own scope, so if I have a jump-group-or-exec mapc on all windows in the group, I can't check inside the mapc's predicate to see if the group predicate is satisfied. So I decided to try and filter them out before calling mapc, but it doesn't work. Code snippet:

     (mapc (lambda (gWin)
         (display-window gWin))
       (filter filterGroupPred (windows-in-group wind)))

This code doesn't work :/ filterGroupPred is passed to the function that runs this code, and I've tested it with (lambda (w) (`t)) as filterGroupPred and it still doesn't work. What am I missing?

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