Re: menu bug solved?

On Feb 6, 2005, at 2:57 PM, Michal Maruška wrote:
i think, that XFlush is not enough. XSync is needed, b/c X server could first
serve the requests of the sawfish-menu client, and deny it the grab.

X11 has no way to reliably transfer grabs between clients. I don't think that Xsync will make any difference here, the flush ensures that the wm process has ungrabbed by the time the menu process attempts to grab. Making the wm wait for the ungrab to finish before sending the commands to the menu process would only make the latency before the menu appears longer

what does (x-server-timestamp) do is a different issue....

the timestamp from the current event is passed through to gtk_menu_popup (), it's used when trying to grab the keyboard and pointer to avoid cancelling a later event


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