Newbie try to get started

Hi all, it is a very newbie question. I just setup Xorg and sawfish. When I middle click I have got the menu. Now I want to customize the menu, so I wrote .sawfishrc and put it my home directory. But nothing changed, could anyone help?
here is my .sawfishrc:
(require 'sawmill-defaults)
(require 'sawfish.wm.menus)
(defvar root-menu
	`(("Workspaces" . workspace-menu)
	  ("Windows" . window-menu)
          ("Programs" . apps-menu)
          ("Customize" . custom-menu)
          ("About..." (customize 'about))
          ("Restart" restart)
          ("Quit" quit)))
(defvar apps-menu
     (system "$HOME/bin/ &"))
     (system "netscape &"))
    ("The GIMP" 
     (system "gimp &"))
     (system "xmms &"))
     (system "gnapster &"))
    ("Netscape 3"
     (system "netscape3 &"))
     (system "cd /opt/mozilla ; ./mozilla &"))
     (system "vmware &"))
     (system "$HOME/bin/bbsol &"))))

thanks for helping,

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