sawfish-client evaluation

Hi everyone,

I've looked everywhere for an answer to this, but since I've found nothing, you are my only hope :)

The problem:
sawfish-client does not give me ANY errors whatsoever, no matter what I type in:
 user> t3w
 user> gfd
 user> bfsd
 user> s
 user> (imaginary)
It also does not save anything into .xsession-errors ... in fact, that file is always blank (it didn't exist until I created it anyway).

This is preventing me from writing anything really useful, for example experimenting with merlin's message.jl:
 user> (require 'merlin.message)
 user> (fancy-message "hello" ())
(doesn't show message, doesn't say anything at all)

My .xsession (runs sawfish as gnome's window manager):


if [ -x `which xscreensaver` ]
        then  xscreensaver  -no-splash &

if [ -x `which wmsetbg` ]
        then exec wmsetbg ~/.backgrounds/death.jpg &

xset r rate 250 30 b 0
exec gnome-session


Rafal Kolanski.

PS. Has anyone visited the sawfish wiki lately? I've been removing spam from there every week or so, but new developments in sawfish seem very rare in the past years.

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