Re: BUG? Mozilla (firefox, thunderbird) and focussing

Ivo van der Wijk wrote:
Hi All,

I don't know if this is a known issue - bugzilla is down and google doesn't give any interesting hits.

I'm experiencing highly annoying focussing behaviour with sawfish, gnome2 and most mozilla based products (browser, firefox, thunderbird). Sometimes, focus remains with the wrong (mozilla-) window/application, and I can't manage to get the keybord focus on the selected window, except by moving to a different desktop and back again. Mouse-focus works fine - I can select menu's, scroll, etc. However, firefox seems to use the keyboard focus to determine which window to do specific actions on, so for I can for example click the 'reload' button in one firefox window, and another window will reload.

All of this happens only with mozilla based applications (it might be a mozilla bug), and with sawfish. Other applications/window managers don't seem to suffer from this problem.

Ok, I seem to be the only one suffering from this bug (except for my colleague with the same setup) - noone can confirm this or suggest a solution, and I wouldn't know where to start looking for answers either.

Does anyone have any good sawfish-like alternatives for debian/unstable / gnome2? I esp. like sawfishes bindings (I have loads of them, esp combined with virtual desktops) and its virtual desktop support (though most WM's have something similar)



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