Keybindings execute twice?

I have been using Sawfish for long in RedHat 7.3 and now I try to move to
Redhat 9.  However I'm running into problems and hope that someone can help
I have sawfish started by setting the environmental variable
WINDOW_MANAGER=sawfish in my startup file.
I have M-C-t mapped to Xterm (done with by the sawfish-ui).
My problem is that every time i hit M-C-t then two new windows pops up.
It sees as the key-bindings is executed twice.

I really don't know anything of lisp so I can't debug it myself.  I have
googled around to see if anyone else have had the problem but can't find
anything.  That really surprices me because I have a standard setup and
use sawfish delivered with Rh 9. (1.2-gtk2)
I have installed Rh 9 a number of times at different computers, all with the
same problem.

Please help me, otherwise I have to leave for Metacity which I don't like
as much.


Johan Ingvast, PhD student
Department of Machine Design, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden,	<--- Walking robot proj
tel +46 (0)8 790 95 36	mob. +46 (0)70 34 34 498

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