Re: Improved extensibility for window order


Sorry it took me so long to reply..

On Feb 1, 2004, at 3:46 PM, Martin Stjernholm wrote:
I wanted to implement my own window order algorithm (based on window
position instead of an MRU stack). This turned out to be a bit awkward
since it requires me to override the whole x-cycle package with my
own, which would basically just be a copy. The code is nicely
abstracted into cycling in commands/x-cycle.jl and window order stuff
in util/window-order.jl, but the problem is that window-order.jl
provides no way to hook in a custom window order function.

The attached patch adds that to window-order.jl. The hook-in code is
more or less ripped from placement.jl but without the autoload stuff
which I haven't figured out.

I don't want to add this ability to sawfish - window-order does one thing - maintain the mru ordering of windows, I don't think it's something that needs to be pluggable. As you saw, there's code that depends on the mru behaviour

It may be useful to make the x-cycle module use an overridable window-order function (there's only two calls to window-order functions, so it's not hard to add two special variables that default to those functions), but it's not something that should show up in the user interface

Also, x-cycle shouldn't contain any code to query the pointer,


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