Re: Annoying bug with GNOME 2.6 at startup

John Harper wrote:

On Jul 7, 2004, at 8:32 AM, GSR - FR wrote:

marillat free fr (2004-07-07 at 1636.50 +0200):

I've create a fresh user (so there are the default gnome top and bottom
panel) and saved the session, i've attached the file created.

I see a little problem, the client-id for both panel are the same. It
is important ?

It's correct for both ids to be the same - the client id comes from the application, so since there's only one panel process running all its windows will have the same client id.

Dunno if sawfish is having issues saving the info from the windows
(for other windows it does fine) or how other wm cope with the lack of
attention to any of the proposed methods, and dunno if the "should"s
in the spec are just polite or as in RFCs (see rfc2119).

yes, I think that's probably what's happening

could someone run xprop on each of the two panel windows to see if there's anything else that can be used to tell the windows apart? (run xprop, click on one window, then repeat on the other window)

I've attacched the two panels xprop output. The thing that puzzles me is that this only happen with panels, the other windows don't show this problem if they have the same client-id.


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