Re: Annoying bug with GNOME 2.6 at startup

Christian Marillat wrote:


I've experienced the same bug that seems related with
140241, i don't have investigated further but the ~/.sawfish/sessions
directory is suspicious...

I've also read this bug, but ~/.sawfish/sessions is completely empty for
me so I don't think that this directory can be a problem.

Also I can't reproduce this bug myself, so it is very hard for me to
find a solution alone.

I've done a couple of test on two different pc (both running Debian Sid), and can confirm that the bug is related to the ~/.sawfish/sessions files, at least on my case. =)

On my desktop there are two gnome panels, one in the upper left corner (orientation left, size of 24 pixels, not expanded) and one in the bottom right (orientation bottom, size of 24 pixels, not expanded). If i choose to save the session on logout (i've configured gnome-session to ask) on the next login a new file appear on ~/.sawfish/sessions (the file contains information about windows present on desktop) and the panel in the top corner is moved in the bottom right. This don't happen if i remove the session file on the sawfish dir.

Maybe something is b0rked on my sawfish configuration, if you need further info feel free to ask.


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