Re: Annoying bug with GNOME 2.6 at startup

Christian Marillat wrote:

Andrea Vettorello <dnc thctribe net> writes:

Christian Marillat wrote:

Thiçs doesn't help. Could you find one which contains the "Top Panel"

words ?

I've create a fresh user (so there are the default gnome top and bottom
panel) and saved the session, i've attached the file created.

I see a little problem, the client-id for both panel are the same. It
is important ?

Good eye! I've modified the session file with a editor and if the client-id of the panel are different, there is no problem with the panel. This seems to affect only the panel, i've tried to open two gnome-terminal and to save the session, they have both the same client-id, but they don't jump around as the panel...


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